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Autobiography Essay

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I never in a million years pictured myself attending college once again at the age of twenty-six. My goal was to be completed with my Bachelors degree by the age of twenty-five and headed in the direction of a nice career (that I actually enjoy)! But as we all know too well, life changes and goals need to be adjusted.
My name is Carrie Nichole Kelley. I was born on February 24, 1986, in Quincy, Illinois, to Shirley Kelley-Miller and David Kelley. I was the only child until the age of four when my brother, Cory, came along in January 1990. Shortly after Cory was born my parents separated and eventually divorced. We ended up moving in with my grandparents so my mother could have help ...view middle of the document...

I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house, where I could have that “only child” feeling again. I guess I could say I was spoiled rotten by Grandma and Grandpa, but not to the extent I didn’t appreciate things! I was thankful for everything I received and I knew that it was not a normal upbringing to have grandparents around 24/7. I considered myself the lucky one!
I attended Public Schools kindergarten through third grade. I had a few people I grew close to over the years and considered really good friends. Then fourth and fifth grade I was sent to a Catholic School, where I knew no one. Since my mother married Dana, and he was Catholic, they thought it was appropriate for the children to follow in his footsteps. It took a while for me to be comfortable and meet people I felt I could be myself around. Thank goodness I was sent back to Public Schools for sixth grade, but once again, I knew no one. The people I once considered friends were not around and I had to meet new people all over again. Sixth grade is one of the most memorable times in my life. I met some amazing people I am still in contact with to this day; and my teacher, Mrs. Harbourn, was phenomenal. I feel like she really understood me and saw I was growing up and trying to “find” myself and what I wanted to be. She definitely pushed me to do my best in everything and not give up until I’m satisfied. Too bad sixth grade couldn’t have lasted longer! Next was good ‘ole Junior High. I can remember not being able to sleep the night before school started because I was positive I would get lost in that huge building and be late to all of my classes. It ended up not being so bad and I survived.
I started working at Kelly’s in 1999, at the age of thirteen, as a hostess. It was Mother’s Day and they were short-staffed and since my mother worked there she called me in to be a fill-in just for the day. Thirteen years later I am still employed there, but I’ll get to that point later! I was not a big fan of working at such a young age, but I loved the responsibility and I loved the money even more. I felt independent and proud! No one my age could relate to me working because the normal minimum age to be hired was sixteen. At the time I ended up growing close to my work family, which were people quite a bit older than I. The remainder of Junior High is pretty much a blur. I was more focused on working and making money than being in school. I was always a good student and got decent grades; I just didn’t care to be around people my age.
Next was Senior High. I feel like that’s where my life took a drastic turn. Senior High started with tenth grade, which was not too bad; I got my license! But I was not in-tune with my surroundings. I didn’t want to participate in “homecoming week” or the other goofy things high school is about. I just wanted to be an adult and figure out the next step in life. I had goals and I was ready to pursue them. Being sixteen,...

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