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Examination Paper of Aviation Management
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Examination Paper


Aviation Management
Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 Marks)
This section consists of Multiple Choice and Short Note type Questions
Answer all the questions
Part one carries 1 mark each and Part two carries 5 marks each.
Part One:
Multiple Choices:
1. Which of the following is comes under „Air safety topic‟?
a. Lightning
b. Ice & snow
c. Fire
d. All of the above
2. JATO stands for _______
3. Beam movement, location of beam related to airport and loser stability comes under which of the
following of analyzing the hazard?
a. Situational factor
b. Operational factor
c. ...view middle of the document...

Answer all the questions
Each Caselet carries 20 marks.
Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150 to 200 Words)
Caselet 1
In relation to Aus Airlines, the scenario of airline industry is understood as a highly competitive
industry. Commercial air transport is considered to be important for personal mobility, commerce and
national security reasons. It facilitates growth, world trade, international investments and tourism and is
thus considered to be very significant to the globalization taking place in many industries. The demand
for airline service is income elastic. As real income increases, passengers spend more money on air
travel. Conversely, as fares rise, passengers spend less on air travel. An airline is one service sector
which is subject to various price controls and capacity restrictions. In this sector, prices are generally
needed to be approved by government.
Airlines are expected to provide safe and timely transportation to air passengers. It should provide
certain intangible elements like transportation itself, service frequency, pre-flight, in-flight and post
flight service. Tangible elements like the aircraft and food and drinks served are also included. The
profitability of airlines depends on the quality service it offers to the air-passengers.
IIBM Institute of Business Management

Examination Paper of Aviation Management
In airline industry, technological improvements will have an impact on airfares. Advances in aircraft
design, construction, aircraft engines and operating procedures increases productivity. Increase in
productivity led to reductions in per-seat-costs and permitted reduction in airfares. Value-added
services are significant in a highly competitive industry like airlines. Passengers inspect friendliness,
efficiency, creativity of announcements made and willingness of crew members to help.
Airline industry invariably encounters problems related to marinating labor relations. There is a
constant struggle to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Aus Airlines consistent profitable business was because of its low costs and customer loyalty. It offers
simple approach customers. It did subscribe to the big reservation computers used by travel agents. The
airline operated only Boeing 737, which minimized training and maintenance costs. Moreover, the
employees at Aus Airlines are hard working.
Aus Airlines competitive advantage lies in its low cost maintenance and its loyal customers. Due to its
low cost structure, Aus Airlines offered its customers with low price+s, this helped the company to gain
customer‟s loyalty.
Aus Airlines may lose its advantage, it faces price war from its competitors, necessitating to reduce the
airfares. If the industry experiences overcapacity of flights, it may affect the stable
Position of the airlines, moreover, the airlines, should also maintain standards to maintain quality of
services, which enable it to retain the customers.
1. Identify the...

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