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Away From Her Unit Assignment

I. Summary of Movie
A. Give a summary of the plot and characters and the story that unfolds in this movie. Give a detailed description of the main characters’ personalities, culture, socioeconomic and historical contexts, their relationships, set the stage of “who they are’ when the movie begins, and then tell the story of what happens over the course of the film.
Away from Her is a motion picture designed to depict a realistic story of the challenges individuals must face when a family member is diagnosed and is experiencing the effects of Alzheimer's disease. The onset of the film describes the lives of Fiona and Grant ...view middle of the document...

A 30-day no visitation period was required, which completely devastated Grant who could barely stay hours apart from his wife. On the way to the care center, Fiona brought up Grant's infidelity when he was a professor at the university, as if it was their last attempt to make amends. After the discussion, they made love for the last time and Grant left Fiona at the care center. Once the 30 day period passed, Grant was shocked to find that Fiona had completely forgotten him and had developed a relationship with a man named Aubrey who was a mute. Grant visited Fiona every day, bringing books they had shared together while disgruntling Aubrey. Fiona developed strong affection towards Aubrey, which greatly impacted Grant. Grant internalized Fiona's actions, where he believed Fiona was getting back at him for his infidelity. Aubrey's wife Marian decided to take Aubrey back to her home because of her inability to continue paying Meadowlakes, which brought both Fiona and Aubrey great pain and eventual depression. Grant's eventual reaction was to find a way to bring Aubrey back in order to ease Fiona's depression, rather than have her remain in the same state for the rest of her life. He visited Marian in order to try and convince her to bring Aubrey back to Meadowlakes, which then developed into a new founded relationship between them. Grant, after intermittent visits to see Fiona and his relations with Marian decided to move out of his home. He finally got Marian to bring Aubrey back to Fiona, and on what seemed to be his final farewell to Fiona ended up with her temporary recollection of Grant and her love for him.
Main Character Descriptions
Grant Anderson: This character could be seen as a classic intellectual who represented a mild-mannered retired college professor. With his expertise in Nordic and Icelandic literature, it was clear that Grant enjoyed his time off exploring new literature with his wife. Based on the way he talked, it was also evident that he had a Canadian way of speaking. His routine treks with his wife in the frozen lake and readings most likely would characterize him as lower in the metric of openness to experience in the big five personality traits. As a former college professor, he demonstrated a great appreciation for the outdoors and was very observant of his surroundings. He was most certainly committed to his wife, and his demeanor around her showed a strong sense of unity and dependence on each other. Like any person reflecting on their past, Grant struggled with his past mistakes in his marriage through his infidelity, and his inner conflicts most likely had a great impact on his decisions on how to proceed with Fiona's diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. In sum, Grant was a scholar, a devoted husband, and instilled a sense of peace not many couples in that age could have for one another. His conflicts and struggles throughout the movie showed his strong sense of persistence and resilience, and personified the everyday...

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