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Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS) has created a study to gain better understanding of the high turnover rate at the Douglas Medical Center (DMC). This report will provide recommendations for Barbara Tucker, general manager, and will help with workplace improvement. This report was created by Team C consultants and includes data and recommendations to further understand and reduce the causes of the high turnover rate.
The turnover rate for DMC has been at the industry standards of 55 to 60%. However, in the last four months it has risen to over 64%. Use of sick time has increased and a large number of workers waste their time every day. Debbie Horner, HR manager, ...view middle of the document...

With quantitative data the Human Resource Manager Debbie Horner asked questions that ranged from one to five with one being very negative to five being very positive with their answers. With all of this data that was gathered Human Resource Manager Debbie Horner is able to measure how people feel about their moral within this company. With the qualitative data she is looking to find out if they are male and female, a supervisor or employee, and how long they have been working for the company so that she can see the overall view of the people that answered the questions. The way the data was collected was through a questionnaire that was handed out to 449 employees.
Level of measurement for each of the variables
The BIMS survey involved ten specific questions from appendix A, and then 5 subsequent questions to help divide the demographics of the answers of the first ten questions. The variables and levels of measurement used for these variables are being used to help find why the level of employee morale is so low. The first ten questions have an answer scale of 1-5. This scale is an ordinal level of measurement. The numbers are not answers, but rather used as levels of importance. Since this variable can be measured by this scale the level of measurement used is ordinal. Different levels of measurement call for different statistical techniques.
Questions A., C., and D., are the nominal level of measurement. These questions can be asked in any order, and are qualitative data. They simply ask the employees to categorize themselves as male, female, manager, supervisor, and which department they work in. Question B. uses the ratio level of measurement. This is a question that involves a zero value. It asks how long someone has worked for BIMS. Since they cannot have worked there a negative amount of time it would be the ratio level.
Coding the data
The data from the BIMS Employee Survey is coded numerically on the nominal, ordinal, and ratio levels. Column one of the data set represents the 78 participants who have been numbered from 1 to 78. Columns 2 through...

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