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Bank Usa Case Study

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CH 3
Bank USA Assignment

Measuring Performance in Operations

1. You have been called in to assist Mr. Jackson in analyzing the data he collected. Using basic statistical analysis tools, what can you tell him about the wait times?

My statistical analysis of the call center data was that the average queue time lasted somewhere between 1.9 to 2.6 minutes and the median queue time was less than 2 minutes per call. The lowest range for the ...view middle of the document...

The standard deviation showed that out of 500 calls, the SD was 16.2 seconds, which equates to less than 1 minute per call or a quarter of a minute per call average.

2. How should Mr. Jackson respond to Ms. Sutherland at their next meeting? What should he tell her, and what steps might you suggest he do next?

My suggestion to Mr. Jackson would be to show Ms. Sutherland an excel spreadsheet of his findings with queue times projecting how long the caller set in the queue and how long it took the representative to resolve the caller’s issue. In addition, Mr. Jackson needs to develop a time frame each representative should spend on a call, and empower the representatives with authority to use judgment to resolve problems under the two-minute threshold. If a problem takes longer, then representatives should collect all of the necessary information to resolve the issue, and contact the caller back with a 48-hour time frame via email or phone. He needs to find out which representatives are more consistent with reducing the call time, and hand over all problematic calls to those representatives for resolution. Mr. Jackson should elect to control the mean and median values to keep them close to his target point of 2 minutes.

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