Barriers To Critical Thinking Essay

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The first barrier that happens to affect me would probably be stress. Stress is one of the things that affects almost every aspect of my life. I don’t know why I tend to let stress get to me but I do. I have seen in the past that stress has made me not think as critically as I could thus making it hard for me to achieve my goal of ...view middle of the document...

I also have seen where it has made my thinking not as effective as it could have been simply because I didn’t allow myself time to adequatly follow through with the steps to thinking critically.

The second barrier that affects me would have to be anger. I tend to be a short fuse. Well I use to be anyhow. Growing up I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and there for a while I was a real short fuse not knowing how to deal with it as I should have. I just recently in the past 5 or so years with the help of my wife learned to cope with my anger and thus for being able to think more critically with my anger. I use to before the problem even occurred already blew it out of proportion and simply not think critically at all. I have become less angry over the years and have made it a better attempt to think critically without anger.

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