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Battle In Seattle Critical Response Essay

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Battle in Seattle Critical Response Essay
The movie "Real Battle in Seattle" is based on the real life events that occurred on November 30, 1999 in Seattle, Washington. A group consisting of at least 40,000 (Oldham 2) well organized and trained individuals converged on Seattle, Washington for the World Trade Organization conference that was being held there. They were there to protest corporate globalization and better inform the world of the WTO and what it meant for earth as a whole. But as history shows, they were attacked with tear gas, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and beaten. The movie, "Real Battle in Seattle", varied from what actually happened on November 30, 1999 ...view middle of the document...

In reality, David Solnit who was involved in this protest, has said, "In 1999, I had moved to Seattle for six months to help organize with the Direct Action Network, a broad umbrella group that provided a framework for thousands to coordinate resistance during the week of WTO. I’m also an arts organizer and I worked with many other artists, groups, and activists to make the giant puppets, art, and street theater that were very present in Seattle." (Solnit 3) This paints a different picture to me as a movie viewer without background knowledge of the subject on these activists. (Although I think he did a pretty good job portraying these people once they were arrested and thrown in jail.) These people were singing and were in the best of spirits they could have possibly been in based on the circumstances. According to Starhawk, "We worked magic in jail, as well. We sang songs, told stories, shared meditations, and learned to ground and call on the elements." (Starhawk Par 5)
I think there is a differing in experiences between the movie and the actual people because of Hollywood. What I mean by that is the storylines that the director used were more relatable to an everyday person and more dramatic. When the officer finds out his baby isn't going to make it, that is to make the viewers feel a sense of attachment towards the officer for his loss. Same goes for Jay when his brother died; it's an attempt to get the viewers more attached to the characters.
The WTO (World Trade Organization) had the right intentions in mind when it was first created after World War II. Since then it is basically a train that has been running off the tracks due to it becoming corporatized. It is causing more harm than good. These corporate big wigs have one thing at mind and that is not world peace, equality or fairness and health for all. These people are out there for one thing and one thing only, money. With GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) it was meant to make it easier for these smaller impoverished countries (ex. Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc…) to be able to better and more easily obtain basic necessities for survival. These things such as food, clean water and most importantly medicine have actually become harder for these countries to obtain. Companies like Pfizer have patent laws that prevent locals and/or others willing to recreate this medicine and sell it for cheaper. This, in essence, makes it harder because these third world countries with families surviving on dollar a day budgets cannot afford to pay 100 dollars for a vaccine when it only costs these huge corporate health care companies $.25 cents to create.
Companies such as Monsanto have caused massive amounts of suicide farming due to their unethical, unreliable and unbelievable business practices. They are forcing poor farmers in countries such as India to...

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