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Be Happy, Be Healthy Essay

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Be Happy, Be Healthy

Be Happy, Be Healthy
I think that in order to live a healthy and happy life, you need to be able to make
your own decisions and not take whatever comes your way. Everyone’s life has many aspect and
in order to live a healthy and a happy life he or she need to make a wise choice. A wise choice
will include balance between the many aspect in his or her life, balancing work, eating a healthy
diet, and exercising daily. Happiness is desirable for all of us. Our lives would not be done
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It is true that money
is important to some of use, but wealth is not as important as our health.
In order to be happy, we need to keep fit and healthy and we must lead a healthy lifestyle
by practice exercise regularly and watching our diet. The meals that we eat we must base those
meals on the food pyramid as it much have a plenty amount of proteins, carbohydrates,
minerals, and vitamins. We must reduce the sugar, fat, and salt intakes as only a small quantity in
our body. To attain a healthy and happy life, we must focus on five areas. In order for you to stay
healthy and strong you will need to focus on body composition, muscular endurance, flexibility,
cardio respiratory, and muscular strength
Eating right is a person's most precious asset. In order to direct a healthy lifestyle, an
individual must work out a healthy lifestyle and consume healthy food. Food, which is being
consumed, is packed with preservatives and additives , what used to be an energetic lifestyle has
turned to be a inactive one.
In order to stay happy and healthy, we need to exercise daily and eat the right kind of
food so we will be able to feel right about ourselves. If we don’t stay healthy and eat healthy we
will never be happy and live an healthy life.

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