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Beats Essay

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Citizenship: Yes, American Citizen
Special Hiring Authority: 10 point Veteran preference
Federal Experience: Yes, United States Air Force Logistic Service Technician for Inventory Management
Clearance: Secret Security Clearance (Inactive)

To obtain a full time position in public service with Defense Contract Management Agency as Supply Management Specialist for job announcement number SWH89Y141405261194735D
University of Phoenix [2011-2014]
Currently attending the University of Phoenix to obtain a Bachelors degree in Business Management.
Focused and highly motivated Logistic Inventory Management Specialist professional, with ...view middle of the document...

* Supervised, motivated, mentored and lead by example, using experience backed judgment, strong work ethic, and irreproachable integrity, derived from my 9yrs as Inventory Management Specialist.
* Developed and implemented a supply inventory program, which tracked our use of production in medical and engineering materials. This provided us detailed reports of our available inventory at all times. Allowing us to make more informed purchasing decisions. Resulting in the United States Air Force to save 2.5 million per year.

University of Phoenix [2011-Present]
Pursuing Bachelors’ Degree in Business
Walden Security [2013-Present] [40hrs/weekly]
Provides security for private established companies to ensure the safety of employees on property and customers in shopping environments.
* Highly skilled in performing patrol duties within assigned areas to guard against theft, shoplifting, vandalism and fire
* Hands-on experience in managing security systems in order to prevent theft, violence and vandalism
* Well-versed in using different alarms for security purposes
* Trained at handling emergency situations effectively; medical emergencies, accidents and other threats
Spangdahlem Air Force Base [Logistic Inventory Supply Tech-Customer Service/Receiving] [2009-2011] [40hrs/weekly]
As Logistic Inventory Service Technician I analyzed developed and managed warehouse stock levels for received goods in maintenance of shelving and/or budgeting considerations. My duties included ensuring we provided balanced supply system analytical data for on hand purchased supplies to include regulation, expenditure items, and resolving applied principles for customer inventory management.
* Administer all incoming, and outgoing inventory management stock supplies. Worked purchasing, distributing, medical and inventory stock supplies
* Prepared package material, acquisition regulation documents, and received goods into computed systems for each supply section
* Documented interrogating databases for listings of packing items on supplies purchasing via credit card and delivery order processing into inventory
* Managed inventories over $12M of ground equipment
* Analyzed government regulations, policies and procedures for the development of procurement contracts and budget submissions
* Compiled reports on use of stock handling equipment’s, adjustments of inventory counts and stock records, spoilage of or damage to stock, location changes and refusal of shipments
* Ensured property and equipment are properly maintained and accounted for according to laws, regulations and policies
* Identified and maintained accountability for custody property
* Stored and operated distribution systems for automated control data reports
* Conducted surveys for distribution patterns and handling methods
* Developed solutions for programs issues concerning changes,...

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