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Beautiful Mind Essay

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There are many ways to be in prison within the mind. Many people think just because you are free means your mind is too but some think that the people who are physically in prison are the most free mentally. In order to be completely free in your mind you must understand wisdon and the educated aspect of everything.
In “Everyday Use” the mother and sister of Dee are not educated but work in the yard and do house work in order to survive. It allows them to have wisdom about things that a college education cant do. Maggie who is Dee’s younger sister and who has always envied her is growing up with the same wisdom as her mother but has not got an education also. They are prisoned within their own minds because they are uneducated and live like they did when you get beat up for looking a white man in the eyes, so when they talk to ...view middle of the document...

Her mother is proud of the fact she has meat on her bones and can kill and prepare her own meals, but Dee thinks that she is to good for that and wanted someone to do that for her. Maggie has always been jealous of Dee because she was burned in a house fire and Dee is pretty, so everyone wants to be with her.
Jane has a disease called nervous depression, and when she tells her husband john he ignores her because he is her doctor also and thinks he knows what’s best. Jane started keeping a journal in order to relax her mind but she is trapped because of her illness. Her husband wont listen to her so there is nothing she can do except try to cope with it. When they arrive at their vacation house she is creeped out by rings on the walls and bars on the bedroom windows, then she starts imagining strange patterns in the yellow wallpaper which makes her more nervous. She starts thinking about how she is sensitive and her husband is practical. Both Jane and her husband John are prisoned within their minds because Jane always thinks something is going on that is weird and John is at the point to where he wont help his wife and thinks he is right and there is know chance she really has an illness.
In “Everyday Use” and “Yellow Wallpaper” everyone is in prison within their own mind, but in different ways. Dee truly believes that living the city life and the educated life is the best way to live. Maggie is jealous of Dee and ashamed of her scars from the house fire. Their mother is stuck in the mind set she was raised with, and doesn’t really care for an education. In “Yellow Wallpaper” Jane cant seem to get past her illness even though she was on vacation and really had nothing to worry about to everyone else but her. John didn’t listen to his wives needs because he didn’t want to be wrong and he was stubborn. In conclusion the only way to have a free mind is to have wisdom but have an education to back it up, and enjoy your life the best way you know how and decide you want to do.

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