Before I Die Jenny Downham Essay

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Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Before I Die by Jenny Downham is about a sixteen-year-old girl, Tessa Walker, who is dying from Leukaemia and has composed a list of ten things to do before she dies. It is quickly proven to her dismay that her list is more difficult than she had hoped for and the reader experiences, in her first hand account, her last few weeks of living. It is set in England in a town in modern day society. The novel shows aspects of relationships, love and time. It is a psychological novel and a love story that ends in tragedy and heart break.

The reason this book affected me so much is due to many factors, however a constant theme through the book is relationships. The ...view middle of the document...

‘I love you, Cal.’”. Which shows they do have a good relationship and this creates empathy for the reader because they probably can’t imagine a sibling of theirs dying and you would reflect on everything hurtful you’ve ever said to them.

The book made me feel so many emotions, Tessa’s hope, bravery and life was contagious. But I feel the bravest character of all is Tessa’s dad, he gives everything up for her; friends, job, time etc. He never complains and always has Tessa’s best interest at heart as he desperately tries to find a cure for her. Near the end of the book Tessa says to her father “Dad…For hours you sat in hospitals and never, not once, complained. You brushed my hair like a mother should. You gave up work for me, friends for me, four years of your life for me. You never moaned. Hardly ever. You let me have Adam. You let me have my list. I was outrageous. Wanting, wanting so much. And you never said, 'That's enough. Stop now'”. Which makes me feel very sad for her dad as he obviously cares so much for her and she has to go.

However, my favourite character in the book is Adam. He helps her achieve everything she...

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