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Behavior Modification Essay

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Behavior Modification: I want to exercise 3 times a week for 1 hour.

1. The goal I set for myself is exercising 3 times a week for 1 hour a day.
2. My goal is to walk for 30 minutes right after school. I then will do another form of exercise for 30 minutes after dinner.
3. Charting my goals
4. If I meet my goal of ...view middle of the document...

5. I made many changes to this routine during the 4 week process.
6. I made a graph
7. My evaluation of my results are as follows:
My first week, On Monday and Wednesday, I made it for only 30 minutes of exercise. I made excuses right after school on why not to walk. I then felt guilty, so I walked right after dinner. On Friday, May 24, I made it for the full hour. I was so proud of this accomplishment that it carried over to the following week. I made my goal for all 3 days. I felt very good about myself. This did not last for very long because on week 3, June 3 and 5th I once again fell short and only walked for 30 minutes. Not meeting my goal of 1 hour. June 7, I did make my goal. Again, my proud feeling carried over to week 4 and on June 10th and 12th I obtained my goal once again and did the full 1 hour of exercise. On June 14, I only did 30 minutes of exercise.

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