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Behaviour Management Essay

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Module 4 Behaviour Management

"Effective behaviour management is essential to the smooth running of a school and in the creation of an environment where everyone's rights and responsibilities are addressed. A balance between fundamental rights and responsibilities is at the heart of behaviour management" (Rogers, 2000 p.12).

The school system and the community of people that constitute the school need to be the focus for intervention and change. As Rutter (1979) argued, positive and measurable outcomes in behaviour and learning can occur apart from the socioeconomic conditions of the children in school. Progress will be limited if the schools attitude and stance is "How can we be expected ...view middle of the document...

Whereas Mize (1995) argued that withdrawn and unhappy children negatively affect the atmosphere and can sometimes provoke discipline issues.

Identifying situations likely to cause unacceptable responses is a vital skill within the classroom. Kyriacou (2001) claims that 'prevention is better than cure'. A good teacher is able to minimise the occurrence of pupil misbehaviour and that the essence of pre-empting misbehaviour lies in vigilance plus action.

Sue Cowley (2003) feels that boredom is a factor causing some students to misbehave in class. And those students who see school as somewhere they are forced to stay, despite lack of interest, will misbehave either to dissipate feelings of boredom or to add excitement to the lesson. 

Therefore, making lessons fun and interesting, relevant and topical, pitched at the correct level with plenty of variety may encourage

Pupils to remain focussed and not succumb to unacceptable responses.

Glasser believes that disruptive student behaviour arises because school work does not meet individual pupils' needs. Teachers and Teaching Assistants should be aware of these needs within the classroom and take any specific learning and emotional difficulties into account. If these difficulties are interpreted incorrectly, then this could lead to misbehaviour claims Cowley (2003)

Avoiding confrontation and remaining positive and calm are the keys to achieving a serene atmosphere.

"Frame everything you say in a positive light" (Cowley 2003)

Establishing classroom rules are best developed over the first few weeks of the academic year when children are psychologically and developmentally ready to hear them. Rogers (2000). Sue Cowley (2003) agrees and says a set of rules makes a teachers life easier and they can refer to these when giving punishment, making it clear they are following school policy rather than personally attacking the child.

Most schools follow a sanctions system where punishment builds up gradually and once a system is in place, theorists say you will need to be 

consistent in its application and will need to be reasonable, workable and appropriate (Emmer et al 1997, Evertson et al 1997).

Equally important in motivating positive behaviour in the classroom is praise and reward. Carter and Carter (1992) agree that positive recognition is the 'sincere and meaningful attention you give a student for behaving according to your expectations' and will motivate them to repeat appropriate behaviour and increase self esteem.

Kyriacou (2001) states that pupils expect you to be a good example of the expectations that you convey. Therefore it is important, as an adult in the classroom, to model good behaviour at all times. A report based on school inspections Ofsted (1993) have noted the importance of the example set by teachers when establishing positive ethos in the classroom.

"It is important to bear in mind that the type of strategy that will work best depends not only on the teachers skilful use of...

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