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Benefits Of Early Sleep Essay

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Sleeping early means that one should finish his/her work on time and get to bed as soon as possible like ten o’clock in the night. Sleeping at 10:00 pm gives us sufficient time of sleep like 8 hours till 6:00 am in the morning. I totally agree that sleeping early is very beneficial for every human being. There are countless benefits of sleeping early like, one can get up in morning for exercise, remain fresh all day, have a good healthy body, have a good social life, remain punctual and gain excellent time management skills. We assume that when we sleep our body and brain goes to sleep as well, this is not true; our brain keeps on working and monitors the biological maintenance tasks which ...view middle of the document...

Just getting by in the day time is quite different from staying functional and alert till bedtime. When the sun goes down, we should go to sleep as well because it coincides with our internal twenty four hour sleep awake cycle that reacts to day light by producing melatonin, making us sleepy and vice versa. To make things simpler sleeping from twelve until seven thirty in the morning will be fine for a normal adult.

There are numberless benefits of sleeping well. According to a report in Journal of the American Medical Association, there is a strong link between sleep and heart’s health. The university of Chicago scientists took five hundred volunteers in their early forties and monitored their sleep times and patterns, observing the C.T scan of their coronary arteries for calcification. Among apparently healthy middle aged men, who took only five or fewer hours of sleep, had a greater risk of coronary calcification and silent heart disease. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to inflammation of the arteries. Dr. Sanjay Patel of Case Western Reserve Medical School thinks that sleep might affect hormones such as leptin that regulate body weight, appetite and metabolism. Cortisol or stress hormones tend to aggravates in insomniacs and poor sleepers releasing killer cells in the body. In the same way melatonin released during sleep has antioxidant qualities. Thus sleep may play a part in prevention of cancer. A study was conducted on twelve college aged individuals who were taught the finger movement sequence of piano playing by Walker, who is also an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. After twelve hours of either wake or sleep respectively the MRI of their brain activity showed that sleep activates certain areas of the brain like the cerebellum controlling speed and accuracy, meanwhile reducing the activity of brain’s limbic system, the region of emotions like anxiety and stress.

Unfortunately some persons remain sleep deprived not out of choice but out of necessity. Professionals like doctors doing night shift or emergency duty in a hospital, policemen, night watchmen, security guards, airhostesses, truck drivers driving at night do face this dilemma. Unless they try to get enough sleep in the day time in a silent dark surrounding, they will ultimately ruin their brain activity and health losing their efficiency and productivity at work.

Sleep is also undermined and ignored by students who cut down on hours of sleep to meet a deadline or work on an assignment. They should be counseled about time management and the significance of sleep. The students should be made to realize their irresponsible behavior of wasting time with friends or in trivial activities. It will save them not only from failure in tests, inability to turn in assignments within due dates, lack of concentration in the classroom but also from attitude and behavioral problem that can cause embarrassment and stress in the students. Though they are...

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