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Bernie Salcedo: Father Of Kinaray A Music

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The Father of Kinaray-a Music
By: Salvy Jessa M. Arnaiz
  Mr. Bernie Salcedo an Antiqueño from Anini-y, is known as the “Father of Kinaray-a Music” because he started the trend of composing Kinaray-a songs. Although he is a mechanical engineer, Salcedo loved to compose songs. He began writing Kinaray-a songs when he was just a teenager back in 1969. He composed Kinaray-a songs on his own and from his heart.
His first composition was “Daw sa Kanami Lang” which talks about commitment through friendship and love and how it makes relationships worth keeping. It was then followed by “Mamingaw nga Mata”, a slow, soft, ...view middle of the document...

In 1977 he wrote the first part of trilogy about the history of Antique which he entitled “Maragtas.” In 1982, he wrote the second and third parts of the story. The musical was done from 1984-1988 and most songs were revised in 1998-1999 when the plot in the script was updated.
Salcedo was also considered as the Father of Kinaray-a Music because he virtually influenced the Original Kinaray-a Music (OKM) writers with his music. Because of him, many OKM artists rose like Dante Beriong, Sammy Rubido, Mark Quintella, Noel Alamis and Edmund Infante. But only Salcedo can compose extraordinary songs that other artists cannot. Even if he uses ‘dalum nga Karay-a’ (native Karay-a), people are able to understand and enjoy his songs. He is even considered by the young generation of artists as avant garde(one who introduces unusual ideas) because his melodies being complicated are difficult to imitate.
The reason why Kinaray-a music is prosperous in Antique is primarily because of Bernie. Kinaray-a music has grown to an artistic proportion that Antiqueños of all ages like, appreciate and enjoy it. Kinaray-a music can be heard in any house not just in Antique but also in Iloilo. Sound system operators also have copies of the songs and the radio stations in Antique and Iloilo play the songs on-air. Kinaray-a language has been conveyed as music which is a very powerful medium.


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