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Best Practices In Project Managemetn Article Critique

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Unit VIII Article Critique
Best Practices in Project Management
By Joan Engebretson
Tamara Bowman (214846)
Columbia Southern University
Professor Daniela Das

Best Practices in Project Management
The article “Best Practices in Project management” by Joan Engbretson (2008) covers the project manager’s responsibilities, training and certifications, and breaks into short segments the best practices in project management. The segments are as follows: (1) Entrance control; (2) Contract review; (3) Kick-off meeting; (4) Materials; (5) Documentation; and (6) Closeout (Engebretson, 2008).
The responsibility of a project manager is to oversee the project from cradle to grave; time of ...view middle of the document...

Entrance control is a formal process during which salespeople and sales engineering give the project over to the operations staff including the project manager (Engebretson, 2008). This process includes a review of all project parameters so a comprehensive strategy can be developed (Engebretson, 2008). Operation’s review the information, re-estimates the project, and determines if the job can be accomplished at the proposed margin (Engebretson, 2008). Incentives to the teams are based upon the margin determined; allowing for anyone who touches the project to share in the incentive (Engebretson, 2008). At SCI, Inc. they use a similar approach where the scope is combined with the detail and design material package known and the P & L (profit and loss) guideline (Engebretson, 2008). In both examples, speed is not of the essence; quality comes first (Engebretson, 2008). Good project management should encompass all facets but quality should be uppermost.
Review of contracts is an important part of project management. One never knows what can be included in the contract that, ultimately, puts a burden upon the general contractor or the sub-contractors. SecurAlarm project managers ensure that any indemnification clauses exclude the company from lawsuits unless they are at fault (Engebretson, 2008). Project management also means protecting the organization from harm; this would include review of any documentation that would put them at risk.
A kick-off meeting with the client is critical (Engebretson, 2008). This is typically the first meeting with the project team and the client. The purpose of this meeting would be to set expectations, lay the proper groundwork for the project, and to set the schedule for updates. This meeting would ensure that all parties involved are on the same page; a must if the project is to be successful.
Storage of materials is an important part of cost consideration. Storage may be necessary in order to obtain product at bulk pricing but the warranties of any items stored must be taken into account (Engebretson, 2008). With storage issues, timing is crucial; the project could incur unnecessary storage costs if product...

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