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Bible Views Essay

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Christian views of the Bible's Old Covenant[->0] are central to Christian theology[->1], ethics[->2], and practice[->3]. Particularly notable in the New Testament[->4] are Jesus[->5]' expounding of the Law[->6] and the circumcision controversy in Early Christianity[->7]. There are differing views about the applicability of the Old Covenant among Christian denominations[->8]. Also referred to as Mosaic Law[->9], Divine Law[->10], Biblical Law, God's Law, or the Books of Moses, the term Old Covenant refers to the statements or principles of religious law[->11] and religious ethics[->12] codified in the first five books or Pentateuch of the Christian Bible[->13]. There are diverse views of the ...view middle of the document...

The predominant Christian view is that Jesus mediates a New Covenant[->32] relationship between God and his followers, according to the New Testament[->33], which ended or set aside some or all of the Old Covenant.[4] Christianity, almost without exception, teaches that this New Covenant is the instrument through which God offers mercy[->34] and atonement[->35] to mankind. However, there are differences of opinion as to how the New Covenant affects the validity of the Old Covenant, how many Old Covenant laws such as the Ten Commandments[->36] are continued or renewed in the New Covenant, and related issues. The differences are mainly as a result of attempts to harmonize[->37] biblical statements to the effect that the Old Covenant and its law is "perpetual"[5] or "everlasting"[6] or "lasting"[7] with New Testament statements to the effect that it does not apply anymore (in the current dispensation[->38]) or at least does not fully apply.[8] The topic of Paul and the Old Covenant[->39] is still frequently debated among New Testament scholars leading to many views.

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