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- Scope and Limitations ------------------------------------------------------------ 4
- Definition of Terms ---------------------------------------------------------- 4 - 5

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Verbal Harassment and intimidation can be more devastating than physical bullying. Words strikes at the innermost part of our heart and can form a lasting scars that can never be healed. Because of too much depression due to bullying, some commits suicide but there are also some who develop their strength, learn how to fight and protect themselves and sometimes they are more successful in life for they are being inspired because of bullies.

This study wants to know the chances that man particularly teens will commit suicide or will be successful in life after the extreme bullying they have experienced or currently experiencing. If chances have already determined, this would be a great help in our society. This might create change and implement laws for those who were abused.

Statement of the Problem

This study entitled The Chances that teens will Commit Suicide or will be Successful in Life After Being Bullied, aims to answer the following question:
1. Does the number of times being bullied affect teen’s decision to commit suicide or to gain more strength for him to be successful?
2. Is there a specific kind of bullying that will really affect man’s decision to commit suicide or to gain more strength for him to be successful?

Significance of the Study

1. Bullied People - This study would be really helpful to each who is being abused of bully. We will know the type of bullying that has made more teens to commit suicide or has made people stronger. As we know that bullying is everywhere, this study would help to persuade law makers to really implement the anti-bullying law if known that the teens being bullied have more chance of committing suicide. If proven that the man being bullied has more chance to be successful in life, this study will persuade those programs that aim to give hope and strength to be more active to help those being abused and also for those who are abuser, to enlighten their minds and to change their bullying habit.
2. Society - This study would create a better society ahead, there will be a good relationship between people, no matter who he is or what she then life will be peaceful. If bullying will be treated as a very harmful thing to do then it will be prevented.
3. Country- Of course if there will be a good relationship in the society then we will have a progressive country for there will be no blockage in the success of everyman if there will be a big chance that bullying will be the cause of suicide of a teen.
4. Law-makers- This would help the law-makers in implementing laws related to bully. This will be a statistical data that would help them to decide or analyze if they will implement a law specifically the anti-bullying law.

Scope and Limitations
This study tends to know the effect of bullying to teens. the proponents conducted the research to provide a statistical data if there is a positive and negative effect of bullying to teens. The researchers have used...

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