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Bid Strategy And Proposals Essay

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Charles E. Robinson IV
Business Strategies and Proposals
Bid Strategy
Dr. Tressa R. Shavers
Business 505
May 13, 2012

Provide a summary of the RFP you have selected.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company employs 30,000 people around the globe. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has nine locations across the United States and several international offices around the world. Fort Worth, Texas, Marietta, Georgia, Palmdale, California, San Antonio, Texas, Greenville, South Carolina, Pinellas Park, Florida, Meridian, Mississippi, Johnstown, Pennsylvania and Clarksburg, West Virginia are the nine locations across the United States. The solicitation number for this bid is NNA12435005Q-AMD. ...view middle of the document...

m. local time on May 25, 2012. Such capabilities/qualifications will be evaluated solely for determining whether to conduct this procurement on a competitive basis. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed effort on a full and open competition basis, based upon responses to this notice, is solely within the discretion of the government. Oral communications are not acceptable in response to this notice. All responsible sources may submit an offer, which shall be considered by the agency (FEDBIZOPPS.GOV).”

Outline a bid strategy that would allow your selected firm to effectively compete for the contract award.

The first tactic I would have to do is figure out what type of bid strategy I would use. There are two levels of bid strategy: general or overarching and specific. A general strategy represents an overall approach to the procurement that yields an overarching strategy. The second strategy is actually a series of specific bid strategies. Each is focused on a specific aspect of the procurement with special emphasis on what the customer views as most important. Next, I would have to plan to develop a specific bid strategy for every element of the procurement. I must understand the customer thoroughly and search every single aspect of the procurement to identify areas where I can gain competitive advantage. I will have to have a better score than my competitors for each of the proposal areas. The main goal is to convince the customer that I am better. I will consider performing some trade-off studies or analyses that will enhance the perception of my approach. According to Steve R. Osborne, PhD, specific bid strategies focus on individual elements of the program that we believe are especially important to the customer. The customer’s perception of what is most important is what I refer to as customer key evaluation Requirements. They exist long before an RFP is prepared and represent the customer’s perspective, which may differ significantly from our view, of what is most important. We expect customer key evaluation Requirements to be areas the customer will use to discriminate between competing solutions and pick a winner.” When developing specific bid strategies, it will consist of a four-step process. 1. Identify and list customer key evaluation Requirements; prioritize if possible, compare your capability to the capability of your competitors for each customer key evaluation Requirements, list strengths, weaknesses, and neutral areas based on the competitive assessment, and develop a strategy for each strength, weakness, or neutral area. When you identify those aspects of a program deemed most important by the customer, they are factors that are important to the success or failure of the program. The categories are Technical/performance, management, logistics, schedule, risk and cost. The next step in developing specific bid strategies is to use a list of customer key evaluation Requirements to conduct a...

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