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Bigotry Against Mexicans Must Be Stopped

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In his book Nichomacean Ethics, Aristotle states that to live a good and happy life a human being must have a proper function, “an activity of the soul in conformity with a rational principle” (p 17 line 3) that is ‘aim[ed] at some good” (p3 line 2). However, some achieve that proper function more effectively than others through their decisions. Aristotle mentions that “some vices exceed and others fall short of what is required in emotion and in action, whereas virtue finds and chooses the median” (p44 line 5), which shows that to live blissfully one must find the mean in all of their actions, which is a grey area within limits in the spectrum of choices, and avoid the extremes on the ends of this spectrum. This ...view middle of the document...

The clip complains about how Mexican people come into America and take on the jobs that “Americans won’t do” (0:13), and how “they use hospital services while Americans pick up the bill” (1:35). This personally affected me as it contradicts the basis of my proper human function which is to help the good of the majority even if it leads to one losing something. Why should they not deserve rights in this country; Americans came (I say came because they too didn’t originate from this land) to this country pursuing the ideas of freedom, honor and the pursuit of happiness, if Americans have this right of new beginnings why shouldn’t the Mexicans be able to achieve the high standards and excellence Aristotle describes in his work.
There is no grey area in the information given throughout the clip; it used satire and sarcasm to give a single sided argument that illegal immigration must be stopped thereby painting a picture that these “aliens” are the enemy which destabilizes Aristotle’s definition of the mean. The clip also uses very ominous music, which is usually associated with fear, therefore implanting this emotion, as well as hatred, into the viewers. Aristotle’s idea of friendship is now destroyed as the Americans now think that the aliens are just taking their job opportunities and are thereby not receiving any benefit from them thereby leading them to not being friends in Aristotle’s sense of the word.
Aristotle describes the life everyone should live to achieve bliss, propaganda like this however, disregard his ideals and create bias that prevent many from achieving their proper human function in life.

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