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Biology Essay

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Final Report Outline

* Name of the enzyme: Catalase found in chicken liver.
* The name of the organism is chicken (liver).
* The substrate is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)|.
* Hypothesis: If the catalase in the chicken liver is exposed to hydrogen peroxide, it will cause a chemical reaction. This reaction will result in the destruction of hydrogen peroxide in the chicken liver, which is harmful to the cells; the enzyme catalase works best in acidic solutions and enzymes are denatured in very high temperatures (boiling).
* Method of measuring ...view middle of the document...

Place one test tube of liver and one of H2O2 into each of the following water baths: Ice bath and Warm water bath (not boiling).After 3 minutes, pour each tube of H2O2 into the corresponding tube of liver and observe the reaction. The boiling water bath will be left for 5 minutes, after which the liquid will be poured off and the liver will be placed into a 2ml solution of hydrogen peroxide. This is done to see the effect that boiling has one the enzyme. Record the rate of each reaction from 0(no reaction)-5(very fast).
Test the effect of pH on catalase activity using basic, acidic and neutral solutions. 2 ml hydrogen peroxide will be added to each of 5 clean test tubes.

Tube 1--add 3 drops of HCl (acid)
Tube 2 - dilute HCl (1 drop / 3 ml) – add 3 drops
Use pH paper to determine the exact pH
Tube 3 – add 3 drops of NaOH (Base)
Tube 4 – dilute NaOH (1 drop / 3 ml) - add 3 drops
Tube 5 – add 3 drops of water (neutral)
The liver will be added to each of the test tubes at the same time. Record the rates of reaction for each (0-no reaction---5 very fast)
* Control: the water in the observation of normal catalase reaction.
* Presentation of data: table format

test tube | Rate of Reaction (0-5) |
| |
|   |
|   |

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