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Blogging Essay

510 words - 3 pages

Starting a blogging business

1. What is my Niche market?
Individuals and Small businesses
2. What problems am I solving?
Simple steps involved with setting up a small business
Guidance on starting a small business

3. Come up with a good domain name

4. Coming up with a tagline

5. Topics/ collection of article
Your business Idea ; Your business plan ; business structure; Funding your business;insurance, market research; setting yourself as a self employed.
Content Strategy
You need to have a solid content strategy in place, so think about the following questions:
* What kind of content will you produce? (audio, text, video)
* How will you produce it?
* How often will you publish new content?
* How ...view middle of the document...

To this date, I’ve written close to two hundred guest posts for different blogs, and they all keep bringing traffic to my site and building my list, and consequently, my business.

Pick Your Web Host
(Avoid using a free blogging option like or If you’re serious about blogging, you need a self-hosted service.
There are plenty out there, like BlueHost and HostGator. They are just a few dollars a month and will get you started on the right path.)

Pick Your Plugins
Once you’ve got a web-host and a good looking theme, it’s time to get your plugins in order.
Keep the amount of plugins you use to a minimum. Each plugin you add will (usually) make your site slower, which isn’t the best thing you can do.
Here’s a list of plugins I use:
* Akismet – to prevent spam.
* Audio player – to play interviews and podcasts.
* Broken link checker – so I can remove and fix broken links.
* Contact form 7 – so people can contact me.
* Google XML sitemaps – to create a nice and simple sitemap for Google to crawl.
* Popular posts – to help people find my best content.
* Sharebar – so people can share my content on social media.
* WP – to reduce image file sizes and make my site load faster.
* WP super cache – another plugin that helps my site load faster.

The next thing you have to do is get analytics set-up, which will help you keep track of how many visitors you get, where they are coming from, and what they are doing on your site.
If your traffic isn’t growing from month to month, something needs to change, but remember, traffic isn’t everything.
If your goal is to make money with your blog, you should be building your email list, and converting that traffic into email subscribers.

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