Bloom's Taxonomy Of Education And It's Use In Nursing Education

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Bloom's Taxonomy of Education and its use in Nursing Education
February 25, 2013
Jason Palm


Bloom’s Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives in education. It divides these objectives into three domains which are (a) cognitive, (b) affective, and (c) psychomotor. By focusing on these three domains, we can observe how nurses can use these domains to care for and help educate patients with chronic illnesses.
Bloom's Taxonomy of Education and its use in Nursing Education

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives in education that was developed by a committee of educators in the late 1940s to early 1950s. It shows us ...view middle of the document...

The nurse’s role would be to evaluate first the patient’s level of understanding of their disease. It is important to also include a patient’s support system when teaching. The nurse must give the patient information about his or her condition in a form he or she can easily understand so the patient can develop a genuine comprehension of the disease process. After the patient has a good comprehension of the disease, he or she can then apply this knowledge to his or her own situation. When this knowledge is applied to a patient’s own situation, the patient is then able to ask questions and form a new way of thinking about living with the disease. When these steps are accomplished, the patient will then be able to create a plan that would help in achieving his or her goals in regards to living with the disease process. As nurses caring for patients with chronic illnesses, recognizing where patients are at in their journey with learning about their chronic illness, and meeting them where they are will help when educating and guiding them to the next step.
The affective domain focuses on the manner in which we deal with things emotionally. There are five major categories in this domain which are (a) receiving phenomena, (b) responding to phenomena, (c) valuing, (d) organization, and (e) internalizing values. It is important to get on our patients level. Nurses should sit down with patients so they can look at each other face-to-face this will help patients to be attentive and receive the information the nurse has for them. Nurses should encourage patients to ask questions about the information they have just received. In the next step, the patient must start to value the information they have received. The patient can then use all this valued information to organize and form new habits and make a plan for living with this chronic disease. After all these steps, the patient should be self reliant in living with his or her chronic disease.
The psychomotor...

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