Blooms Questions Essay

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Bloom’s Taxonomy
Sample Questions

Useful Verbs

Sample Question Stems


What happened after...?
How many...?
Who was it that...?
Can you name the...?
Describe what happened
Who spoke to...?
Can you tell why...?
Find the meaning of...?
What is...?
Which is true or false...?

Useful Verbs

Sample Question Stems

Define in your own words

• Can you write in your
own words...?
• Can you write a brief
• What do you think could
of happened next...?
• Who do you think...?
• What was ...view middle of the document...

• What questions would
you ask of...?
• From the information
given, can you develop a
set of instructions
• Would this information
be useful if you had a ...?

Useful Verbs

Sample Question Stems


• Which events could have
• If ... happened, what might
the ending have been?
• How was this similar to...?
• What was the underlying
theme of...?
• What do you see as other
possible outcomes?
• Why did ... changes occur?
• Can you compare your ...
with that presented in...?
• Can you explain what
must have happened
• How is ... similar to...?
• What are some of the
problems of...?
• Can you distinguish
• What were some of the
motives behind...?
• What was the turning
point in the game?
• What was the problem

Useful Verbs

Sample Question Stems


• Is there a better solution
• Judge the value of...
• Can you defend your
position about...?
• Do you think ... is a good
or a bad thing?
• How would you have
• What changes to ...
would you recommend?
• Do you believe…?
• Are you a ... person?
• How would you feel if...?
• How effective are...?
• What do you think

Useful Verbs

Sample Question Stems


• Can you design a ... to ...?
• Why not compose a song
• Can you see a possible
solution to...?
• If you had access to all
resources how would
you deal with...?
• Why don't you devise
your own way to deal
• What would happen if...?
• How many ways can
• Can you create new and
unusual uses for...?
• Can you write a new
recipe for a tasty dish?

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