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Board Development Argumentative Thesis Essay

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An active, well-informed, well-trained Board of Directors (BOD) is absolutely essential to the success of the organization. The BOD for this organization is not unlike any other not-for-profit boards with less than 10 years in age. The boards of these organizations sometimes consist of inexperienced and unknowledgeable management professionals. New board members are excited to make good decisions and evoke proper change within the organization. They soon find out change is not quick and results aren’t seen over night. Due to this reality board members with tenure can become complacent and thereby miss opportunities for organizational growth. This can create barriers to performance ...view middle of the document...

Consequently, regular education of board members about their important role and knowledge should be a high priority. Rubenstein and O’Flynn argued, “Today, in the new environment Boards must be proactive, investigative, accountable, and actually govern a company or nonprofit organization, no serious company or nonprofit organization can omit Board training” (p. 150).
Beyond orientation the nominative committee should be developing board members through assessment methodologies. This is a priority in order to detour ineffective job performance amongst stale membership and to develop new members’ sense of the organization. This paper suggests board development can exist inside assessment methods granting improved overall effectiveness of governance. Currently, there is a lack of consistent attendance at meetings. There has also been a challenge of motivating more tenured board members. Ultimately this has effected strategic implementation and has slowed the expansion of the organization.
Thesis: Board development involving yearly assessments to further develop a sense of responsibility and purpose amongst members will strengthen and rejuvenate board members thereby meeting organizational goals and objectives. The board should undertake a formal and rigorous annual assessment of its own performance and that of its committees and individual directors.
Evidence / Support Statement
An accurate board assessment process can identify issues and enact reforms to improve performance. Currently there is no measurement taken when it comes to BOD performance. Salamon (2002), paints a rather dark picture of the quality of many nonprofit boards in the same circumstances. The author speaks to the confidence communities have about the nonprofit sector. To combat what the author calls, “the effectiveness challenge,” nonprofits boards are now are looking to development as a crucial way to balance between survival and distinctiveness. Survival is needed in a time of crisis where donors aren’t giving as generously. Development in this instance can stir the creativity needed to survive. A Skill such as this not always apparent or utilized, but that does not make it any less important. Distinctiveness posses a major advantage as well. With so many nonprofits trying to survive, funding in the field of performance art is on the decline in Indianapolis. To be distinctive is needed to procure the funding needed to operate needed community programs and give scholarships to those that cannot afford the costs.
Furr (2006) claimed that board members are significantly negligent in holding themselves accountable for effectively fulfilling their leadership role. That is why there is a necessity for the nominating committee to take responsibility in BOD development. The literature suggests that such a critical leadership role requires continuous learning and skills practice. Leadership development activities can be performed as group situational exercises. These are...

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