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Bobo Essay

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Heritage Assessment: Comparing Cultural Differences Between Diverse Families
Rashawn Llewellyn
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V

Heritage Assessment: Comparing Cultural Differences Between Diverse Families
Understanding the differences and similarities of cultures can be a challenging task for many. Nurses interact directly or indirectly with individuals and families of different backgrounds daily. The biggest concern for many health professionals is to provide the best care to their patients in order to achieve or progress towards health. With this goal nurses have to understand that caring for patients have to be individualized as cultures have differences, even those ...view middle of the document...

The Heritage Assessment Tool is a consistent tool which can evaluate health maintenance, health protection and health restoration aspects of individuals and families.
Italian Heritage Assessment
The first family interviewed was from the providence of Naples in Italy. LC was born in Brooklyn, NY and so was her mother. Her father was born in Caserta, Italy and moved to New York when he was 7 years old. Although her mother was born in New York both her mother and father’s parents were of Italian descent. LC grew up in an urban environment with her father and siblings and was surrounded by other families of the same heritage. Although her mom was not a part of her life growing up, she had many relatives who moved from Italy that she saw on a daily basis. She keeps in contact with her family abroad with phone calls or visits to Italy every year or every other year. Growing up as an 2nd generation Italian she lost many of the values or practices that would be seen in a traditional Italian family. She maintained very few customs from her culture such as foods, language, and religion. Italians have a diet which consist of lots of pasta dishes, different cheeses and wines. The majority of the Italian population practices the Catholic religion. LC follows these listed practices; she does not know how to read her family’s native language, but occasionally speaks Italian around family members.
Filipino Heritage Assessment
The second family I interviewed was of Filipino decent. Unlike the first family interviewed this was a first generation family that migrated form the Asian islands of the Philippines. MP’s family was born there including herself. She moved to New York with her parents when she was 8 years old. At that time her mother was 35 years old and her father was 37 years old. She grew up in a suburban area with her parents and 3 sisters. Education is big amongst MP family, she had private and public school education. MP has a big family who remains in the Philippines today, she communicates with them through FaceTime, the telephone, and with visits every couple of years. The family speaks Tagalog but MP rarely speaks it now, and does not know how to read her native language due to being here from a young age and not keeping up with her family traditions. Her parents keep the connection between family with frequent visits throughout the year. This family follows many heritage-based traditions such as cooking Filipino foods, practicing Catholic religion and maintaining holiday celebrations. MP family uses a lot of fresh ingredients in their food and believe in the healing effects of some herbs. Although MP’s spouse is of a different ethnicity, she tries to continue instilling her traditions, as well as those of her husband’s family onto their children.
Guyanese/Jamaican Heritage Assessment
The last family interviewed was a mix of two cultures Guyana and Jamaica. JR was born in Brooklyn, NY her mother was born in Guyana and her father was...

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