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Body Cameras As A Preventive Measure

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English Comp. 101
Body Cameras as a Preventive Measure
Senseless violence has filled every community, most societies, and all boundaries. At any given moment physical violence can strike out against any given person. Even police officers-who by law are commission to protect and serve-are not safe from violent acts upon their person, or from engaging in acts of violence against the very own civilian they are sworn to serve. However, in both circumstances the lines between justice and corruption, or self-defense and aggression, can be blurred beyond visibility. Often, training can take a backseat to instinct, and decisions made as a result should be subject to review by higher authorities, ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, continuously wearing body cameras would hold police accountable for their inappropriate conduct. As I found on the website they state “Continuously wearing body cameras would hold police accountable for their appropriate, and inappropriate, conduct. Body cameras could prevent cases like Ferguson and Baltimore, where there was no way for the public to know for sure what had happened.” I strongly believe if the officer had a body camera on, then the shooting and killing of Michael Brown would not have happened.
Lastly, as stated again on playing body cameras at all times could also improve the public’s view of policing by showing the human side. Not all police officers are bad, there are a great deal that do their job the right way and have a genuine heart. So to be able to see an officer, let’s say, stop and help a homeless person, maybe buy them a hot drink on a cold day, or a water on a hot day, it would be a great feeling and opposite of what a lot of people think of police nowadays. There was something I seen, I don’t recall where, but someone called the police on kids being loud and the officer...

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