Body Fat Essay

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January 31, 2013
Eva Hall

It is many of ways to measure the body composition. It should be done at the doctor or at the gym, and the current flow throughout the body called the bioelectric impedance analysis. When people have excessive “fat it can cause fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) it carries less risk than fat is deposited around the organs in the abdomen. The visceral fat is associated with a higher rate of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and breast cancer.
The obesity epidemic with overweight in the world is people will not exercise. When people think they are hungry they are not. People want to overeat and this is putting more fat on top of the fat that the body has. People are not watching the high-sugar diets they are ...view middle of the document...

Anorexia nervosa is around people that have a fear of weight gain and they want to remain thin; they over exercise, so they will not gain any weight. Anorexia nervosa loses weight first, then they starve themselves, and finally they are dehydrated. Anorexia nervosa has low blood sugar, fainting spells or seizures, kidney and liver damage, and loss of muscle mass.
Bulimia nervosa is when people overeat with having a fear of becoming fat, and then vomit; they will not become overweight. People with Bulimia nervosa are all about the appearance of them, and they want to become thin. Bulimia nervosa occurs in teenage years, and when mental, psychological, and social growth is occurring rapidly. When a person have an eating disorder it is hard to find out why they have it. Bulimia nervosa has low self-esteem, depressed feel guilty or ashamed, or when you start eating, you cannot stop eating. Bulimia nervosa causes scars on the knuckles or hands, puffy cheeks, and fluctuating weight.
Binge-eating disorder usually occurs in females and it occurs in an older population, between 30-50 years of age. Binge-eating disorder engages in recurrent episodes and does not have behaviors such as vomiting, or excessive exercise. Unlike Anorexia nervosa they do not know what causes eating disorders. Eating disorders occur in people that have low self-esteem, and feel inadequate, defective, and worthless of wanting to be thin. Binge-eating disorders is eating when you are full, hiding the food for later, or eating all day long, without worrying about mealtime, or eating a large amount food. Binge-eating disorders will lead to high cholesterol, sleep disorders, heart disease, and diabetes.

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