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Bonding And Sealing Plastic Windows Essay

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Marine Application Guide

Bonding and Sealing Organic Windows

Application Description
Most of the organic glazing materials used in boat
building are either clear acrylic sheet (PMMA),
widely marketed under trade names such as
Perspex and Plexiglas (the latter manufactured
by Rohm and Haas), or polycarbonate (PC),
marketed by Bayer GmbH as Makrolon and
by General Electric as Lexan or scratch-proof
All plastic glazing products possess certain
characteristics that must be clearly understood
before they are installed or bonded with
adhesives. In general, incorrectly installed plastic
glazing panels are prone to environmental stress
cracking (ESC). This can be ...view middle of the document...

Please contact your local Sika Company for
technical advice.

Marine Application Guide

Bonding and Sealing Organic Windows

Pre-treated Flange
Sikaflex®-295 UV Backfill
UV Protection
Sikaflex®-295 UV
Pre-treated Window Pane

Fig. 122 Examples of one of the many decorative glazing applications inside a luxury liner

Fig. 124 Typical construction of a window with outer UV protection

Fig. 123 (a, b & c) Examples of adhesively bonded organic glazing using Sikaflex®-295 UV in conjunction with UV Shielding Tape

100_Sika Transportation

Marine Application Guide

Procedure for Bonding and Sealing Organic Windows
Substrate Preparation
Fiberglass Frame

Organic Window

Lightly abrade the gelcoat of the contact
area with a very fine sanding pad

Abrade the bond area with abrasive paper
or very fine abrasive pad. Abrade the
bonding periphery with 80 grit sandpaper
if the organic glazing panel has a scratch
proof coating

Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner

Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner
Mask off any areas that need it



Flash-off: 10 minutes (min) to 2 hours

209 D

Aluminium Frame
Mask off any areas that need it

Lightly abrade the contact area with a fine
sand pad
Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner


Pretreat with with Sika® Aktivator or Sika®
Aktivator 205, using a clean, lint-free rag
or paper towel. Change the rag frequently!
Sika® Aktivator must be applied with the
wipe on/wipe off method.
Flash-off: 10 minutes (min) to 2 hours


Apply a thin, continuous coat of Sika®
Primer-206 G+P or Sika® Primer-210,
using a clean brush or felt applicator

Drying time: 10 minutes (min) to 24 hours

Sika Transportation_101

Pretreat the substrate with Sika® Aktivator
or Sika® Aktivator 205, using a clean,
lint-free rag or paper towel. Change the
rag frequently! Sika® Aktivator must be
applied with the wipe on/wipe off method.
Flash-off: 10 minutes (min) to 2 hours

Apply a thin, continuous coat of
Sika®Primer-206 G+P or Sika®
Primer-215, using a clean brush or felt

Drying time: 30 minutes (min) to 24 hours


Pretreat the substrate with with Sika®
Aktivator or Sika® Aktivator 205, using a
clean, lint-free rag or paper towel. Change
the rag frequently! Sika® Aktivator must
be applied with the wipe on/wipe off
Flash-off: 10 minutes (min) to 2 hours



Mask off any areas that need it


Mask off any areas that need it
Pretreat the substrate with Sika® Aktivator
or Sika® Aktivator 205, using a clean,
lint-free rag or paper towel. Change the
rag frequently! Sika® Aktivator must be
applied with the wipe on/wipe off method.

Two-Part Lacquer Coated Frame
(Timber or Aluminum)

Apply a continuous coat of Sika®
Primer-209 D, using a clean brush or...

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