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Book Report On The Leadership Pill

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Book Report #2
My second book was The Leadership Pill by Ken Blanchard and Marc Muchnick. They relay a parable of a pill that one can take that encompasses all of the attributes of a highly successful manager. Although many peoples’ stories warrant justifiable consideration, it is questionable to me as to whether the explanations of others are the truth. This is a difficult topic for me, and I believe that it ...view middle of the document...

This totally weirded me out.
According to this book, it seems as though middle management is a bit ignored as long as they do their job acceptably.
The Leadership Pill was a good book and not only made me think, it made me learn. These people wonder whether or not such a pill would be a miracle or a hindrance. It made me smile a bit when it spoke of its various hypothetical drug interactions.
How nice it would be to simply be able to take a Leaderhip Pill, and then have everything work well. However, some people like me have a weird fear of drugs and would be afraid to take anything, well, at all. ( I would hate to see myself as a resistant old person. I hate taking my vitamins as it is. )
I really am glad that I was able to take this class. There are so many that I am required to take that just take the joy out of my life and make me question my sanity. I do not understand how anyone could have any sort of passion about finance. I often wonder if there is anyone else who wanted a marketing masters but was forced to take this path instead. I am so thankful for the occasional person I can believe in and with whom I can connect.

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