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Book Review Of Reaching Out

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Nouwen 4-MAT Book Review


Nouwen 4-MAT Book Review
Quinton Neighbors
Liberty University

Nouwen 4-MAT Book Review


Reaching Out The Three Movements of The Spiritual Life by Henri Nouwen, published
on November 20, 2013. The author lays out three dimensions of spiritual movements in the
Christian life. Each one proceeding from the previous one to make a simple but profound process
for the reader to understand. Explained first as the spectrum of loneliness to solitude. Next,
hostility to hospitality, and finally illusion to prayer. The needs of loneliness manifest its in the
quest for messianic completeness in other things to fill the void. This has many implications as
violence, ...view middle of the document...

Nouwen 4-MAT Book Review


The last chapter details the matrix origin point of illusion to prayer. This movement is
closest to our being and the most important despite the almost inexpressible nature. In most cases,
we live as if immortal. Not in the way we will live forever but in the mental disposition that our
behavior and values are towards eternal expectations on others for our longings of loneliness. We
express this is through excessive sentimentality and violence. In our daily lives, we are
constantly idolaters, either consciously or unconsciously. God himself incarnate allowed for us to
be able to pray through his life, death, resurrection. In the Spirit that He gives those who believe
we have access to dwell in God. Prayer is our baseline axis for existence and the means to move
from illusion to truth in Christ. By open prayer, we listen to our sufferings, and at the center is
always the presence of God. Illusion and prayer are also in a balancing act. Prayer of the heart is
broken down into three sections. One the reading and meditation on the word of God, second,
quiet time in the presence of God. And third a spiritual guide to mentor in prayer development.
Concrete Response
This book was amazing from start to finish. During the readings, I have many insights
into problems from the past and future anxieties. On a personal level, this struck deep in my
essence as the Lord saved me from the illusion of Buddhism. It’s ironic this author uses Zen
references to illustrate the tranquil and enlightening nature of simply knowing Christ. I spent a
few years searching for truth, meditation and study brought me no closer to being filled from the
lifetime of empty voidness on the real problem of the human condition called sin had built. Like
the book mentioned chasing after this or that to fill the gap lead to no real completeness. Of
course it held back the force of loneliness but to what end? No hope of a life after death but a
poorly human thought of being reincarnated or go into a nothingness the universe provided.

Nouwen 4-MAT Book Review


What a sad hope to live for. By God’s grace, he pulled me out of that snare into His eternal truth
on the cross. One second abiding in Christ is beyond any philosophy, material, or relationship...

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