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Bp Oil Spill Essay

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Under the Deepwater Horizon, an offshore drilling ring of British Petroleum (BP) caused an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The incident occurred on April 20th 2010, where equipment failed and caused the explosion sinking the ring, and causing the death of 11 workers and more than 17 workers injured. The British based energy company also faced other problems at the site of the oil spill. More than 40 million gallons (estimated data) of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico. Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a very serious threat for the wildlife as it causes water pollution. The oil spill effected many coastal areas in the US, like the Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and ...view middle of the document...

), but told these temps not to talk to anyone. As soon as all the TV cameras and the president's motorcade left the area, these "for show only" hires immediately stopped working (a local government official took photos and attempted to question a few, who advised him they were "not supposed to talk to anyone, on BP's orders"). They did not come back on the following day or any day thereafter.
On the zero dollars spent for developing back-up systems, BP informed "The Rachel Maddow Show's" representative that they "rely" on an organization which they claimed "does spill research" even though the investigators from the show discovered the organization named by BP does not receive any money from BP nor do they do research for ways to stop oil spills. In other words, BP was unethical and lied again.
This British Petroleum is listed as the fourth wealthiest corporation in the entire world, and yet they lie about the extent of their spill. They fudged figures and information (against the law) in order to get a license to drill in American waters, they did not even bother to change the batteries for the system they claimed was their "back-up”.
BP, as most oil companies (and other business), are aimed at making as much money as possible. In this case because of the big cover up the media did, BP was forced to fix the...

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