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Brain Drain Essay

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Brain Drain (from developing countries to Canada)
Chetan Chauhan
ENGL 250-.63
Prof. Ingrid Smith
Centennial College
December 02, 2014


I certify that this thesis entitled “Brain drain (from developing countries to Canada)” is my own work.
Except where reference is made in the text of the thesis, this thesis contain material published elsewhere or extracted in whole or in part from a thesis by which I have qualified for or been awarded another degree or diploma.
No other person’s work has been used without due acknowledgement in the main text of the thesis.

Chetan Chauhan
December 02, 2014


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1.1 Problem 5
1.2 Background 5
1.3 Purpose 6
1.4 Scope 6
2. Discussion 6
3. Conclusion 10
4. Recommendation 11
References 13
Appendices 14

Brain drain can be noted as the migration of the skilled personnel in search of the better standards of life, increased salaries and availability of the advanced technology and more stable living environment. This immigration of the skilled personnel from one country to another is a matter of growing concern because of its impact on the economic system of the developing countries. This report will figure out the aspects of the issue like, what is the social issue, who is effected and how, what are the consequences etc...Background information about the issue, data from the past along with the possible solution to the topic will also be covered in the report.
International immigration first come in public concern when skilled people from European countries started to move to UK, US, Canada and Australia in pursuit of the better life. In 1970’s United Nations published a report on the movement of the skills across the globe, and this report showed that the 90% of the skilled immigration were moving to just five countries: Canada, Australia, Germany, UK and USA. (Dodani, S., & LaPorte, R., 2005) This movement of the skilled people has resulted as these countries are the most developed countries in the world today, while the native countries of the moved people are still in the developing phase or underdeveloped. Since the knowledge which has shifted from one country to another initially belongs to the native country and that country has right to develop. Due to this reason, brain drain should be considered as a serious problem and actions on this are necessary.
This report will question the existence of the brain drain. First the issue will be described, clearing what the brain drain does actually means and how the problem is existing. Then the report will include the explanation of the brain drain and proofs of the brain drain. Followed by the analyzing the brain drain, consequences of the issue, and how it has been effecting the society. Then present existence of the brain drain compared to the past. Then the report will include how the problem can be solved or its effects can be minimised.
The only limitation related to the selected subject of the report is the unavailability of the unbiased sources. The sources which will provide the true data. Since, brain drain is a profit loss based issue, sources might be biased according to their profit. So to find a neutral data source is the most difficult.

Defining the issue, brain drain is the movement of the skilled workers from one part of the world to another part of the world. In 2000 nearly 175 million persons, or 2.9% of the...

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