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Brain Function Table Essay

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Hillari Cragun
August 17, 2014
EDU 213- Educational Psychology
Dr. Sharon Graham

Brain Function Table

Component | Definition | Role in Learning and Development |
Neurons |  “Cell in the brain or another part of the nervous system that transmits information to other cells.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-8) | The text book states that learning probably brings change to neurons and also could create new ones. |
Neurotransmitters |  “Chemical substance through which one neuron sends a message to another.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-8) |  The neurons send their information to other cells though the neurotransmitters. |
Axon | “A long, arm like structure that transmits information on to ...view middle of the document...

22) |  The texts states, “When a neuron’s dendrites are stimulated by other neurons (either those in the brain or those extending from other parts of the body), the dendrites become electrically charged. If the total charge reaches a certain level, the neuron fires, sending an electrical impulse along its axon to the terminal buttons.” (pg. 23) |
Synapses |  “Junction between two neurons that allows transmission of messages from one to the other.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-11) |  Learning eliminates Synapses by increasing the neurons. |
Cortex |  “Upper part of the brain; site of complex, conscious thinking processes.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-3) |  This is where conscious and complex thinking takes place. |
Synaptogenesis |  “Universal process in early brain development in which many new synapses form spontaneously.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-11) |  This process is more genetic. This allows more synapses to form which in return allows more neurons to form. |
Synaptic pruning | “Universal process in brain development in which many previously formed synapses wither away.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-11) |  Some synapses are not used and because of this they wither away. This allows more room for more to be formed. |
Myelination |  “Growth of a fatty sheath (myelin) around the axons of neurons, enabling faster transmission of electrical impulses.”(COE-GCU Framework 2010, pg. G-7) | By the growth of this myelin it helps the neurons to transfer information quicker and helps the brain be more efficient. |

Ormrod, Jeanne Ellis. (2011) Developing Learners, Eight Edition, College of Education Conceptual Framework. Grand Canyon University.

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