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Brand Equity Essay

259 words - 2 pages

School of Business

Marketing management
Course Code: MKT 242

Course Objective:

At the end of the semester, the students should be able to understand –

• The marketing management activities and the major changes which have taken place in the 21st century.

• The consumer behavior affecting the marketers decisions about the product.

• The strategies which are used to deal with competition.

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Course Content:

Review of marketing concepts and principles; Developing marketing strategy and plan; Preparation of a marketing plan; Creating customer value, satisfaction and loyalty; Understanding consumer behavior; Market Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning; Dealing with competition; Product-market strategy and product decisions; Pricing policy and strategy; Distribution strategy; Promotion strategy and mix; Introducing new market offerings.

Required Text:

Marketing Management
Philip Kotler
Kevin Lane Keller
12th edition


Class Attendance/participation 10%
Class Tests 20%
Assignments/case study 20%
Mid-term Examination 20%
Final Examination 30%

Suggestions to the students:

• Students should try to attend all classes to earn full points. An absence of more than 3 lectures would lead to a loss of points. An emergency should be notified to the teacher.

• There will be some class tests for which no make up policy will be followed.

• The assignments are to be submitted within agreed deadlines. Late submissions will lead to substantial deduction of marks.

• Students are expected to show good examination behavior and remain fair at all stages.

Course Teacher: Nazia Nabi

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