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Brand Is Essay

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To truly reach employees and make your messages stick, you need to approach them as any company would approach their potential customers.

Sound crazy? We will attempt to de-crazy it for you. Check it out:

Employees are consumers of your messages, just as your customers are consumers of your product. Like your customers, your employees are busy. Their attention is being pulled in a dozen different directions at any given moment. Therefore, it takes strong, authentic and cleverly presented messages in order to cut through the day to day clutter and really reach an employee.

And we’ve found that when employees are treated not as assembly line producers, but rather as humans whose ...view middle of the document...

There are many ways to make your employees feel proud. Rewarding them is not something you can fake or buy off with shiny plaques or small bonuses. It’s something that has to feel real. You have to make them feel like they are always on a mission. They need to always feel good about the work they do for you.

The good news: this is really not a difficult goal to accomplish when you create authentic, emotional and dynamic employee messaging. Starbucks is doing it. So is Apple. So is L’Oréal.
And here’s another study:

Big River Telephone, BMW Canada and Charter Communications – all three of these companies have leaders that continually stressed the importance of treating employees with the same respect and value as customers to achieve long-term business success. This approach is currently delivering growth for all three of these organizations.

And recent studies of factors common to successful companies, conducted by Max Clarkson have found that those companies whose goals reflect the interests of not just major shareholders and owners, but give serious consideration to employee and customer satisfaction — produce better results. This tells us that those companies focusing exclusively on the financial interests of shareholders at the expense of customers and employees are actually shortchanging themselves. They are, in fact, weakening the organizational conditions that would account for 40 to 80 percent of their overall growth and profitability over the long term.

Another study found that those companies with the highest employee and customer retention rates (“loyalty”) also earn the strongest profits. Put simply, if you pay attention to those conditions that empower employees to do a good job, customers will stick around and in turn, revenue and profits will grow.


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