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Branding Essay

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Why it is important to create powerful brands

Branding is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Brand often becomes a reason for people to choose the product as the sign or name of the quality level brings to consumers’ preference.
Successful brand that is those which are the focus of a coherent blending of marketing resources, represent valuable marketing ...view middle of the document...

The characteristics of a brand as consisting four levels includes generic, expected, augmented, and potential.
The generic level is the commodity form that meets the buyer’s or users’ basic needs. For example, a car satisfying transportation needs. Otherwise, the expected level is when the commodity is value engineered to satisfy a specific target’s minimum purchase conditions. For example the functional capabilities, availability, and pricing for a product. With the increased experience, buyers and users become more sophisticated, thus the brand would need to be augmented in more refined ways, with added values satisfying non - functional needs as well as functional needs. For instance, promotion might be directed to the user’s peer group to reinforce his or her social standing through ownership of the brand that will led the member buying a such brand. Last, potential level of brand means that the companies are trying to shift in higher level of developments to maximize the profitability, for example when Nestle shifted their potential brands’ level by developing software for retailers to manage confectionery shelf space.
In the earlier years, brand is not familiarly known by the companies, the more companies only focused on what they can produce not focused on the market needs. But during the recent years, when the more companies shifted to the market driven rather that production based, then creates the diverse products for many product lines. Of course it caused confusing and difficulties for the consumers to choose and remember their last preference for rebuy, so that the term of branding comes up as the identity for the product.
Further the brand start to be learnt by the ore companies to how create powerful brands and strong positioned to consumers’ mind. Here, brand which initiated first from the company and introduced often trough ads is brand as a cause. It is looks like the question of what is the first between egg or chicken. However, brand also can be the same as that questions analogy, brand also can be the effect of the buyers’ preference, it usually really based on the quality and consumer’s experience but brand as a cause often built by the concept of prestige and status or even because of the product line category below an umbrella of a strong branded companies.
During the importance of brand, another term that must be known by the companies are brand awareness, brand knowledge and brand equity. These three terms can be an assessment or evaluation for the companies to know how far or in what stage their brands perceived by the consumers.
People noticed that there is a brand of such X product. They may be known or heard from an ad or from another people that talk about this new brand. In the level of only know or heard at the first appeal, is the level of Brand Awareness, that is when people aware that there is a new brand. The higher...

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