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Branson is a leader. He started his business from being inspired by the student activism on his campus. He wants others to be able to succeed and fulfilled they destiny as he did. His focus is on people and what is of interests to them. What sets him apart is listening to what people have to say, and then he let them put their own ideals into action. He kinds of set back on the backburner and he lets them be creative with their thoughts, and then he supports them in ...view middle of the document...

He was awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s Millennium New Year’s Honors List for his services to entrepreneurship; this proves that he is willing to take risk with new ventures. His followers are very important to him he shows then that he trusts their ideas and he lets them run with it. His followers give him what he need because he likes to support their ideas and then leave the creativity part up to them. His followers have inspired him to becoming the leader that he is.
The myth: The only school you learn leadership from is the school of hard knocks, which disproves Branson very well. By him having dyslexia and not doing well on his IQ tests that still didn’t stop him from becoming a great leader and CEO of his company. His skills and abilities didn’t come from a book it came natural. He was able to show others even through you may have a weakness in one area you don’t have to let it stop you from achieving your goals.
I would consider myself a leader because I like to sit back and let people take charge. I want them to be able to take the initial steps on their own without me having to tell them what to do. I like to work with people as a team not above them. I hope to learn some techniques from this class that will make me become an effective leader when I go out there in the real world.

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