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Unit 7
Edexcel Level5


Unit Introduction

24 February 2013

Unit 7: Business Strategy

BTEC Higher National — H2

Description of unit
The aim of this unit is to develop your abilities to evaluate and select strategies appropriate to business organizations. This will involve an analysis of the impacts of the external operating environment and the need to plan organizational strategies to ensure effective business performance.

Summary of learning outcomes

To achieve this unit a you must:
1 Analyze how the business environment is considered in strategy formulation
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3 Strategy evaluation and selection
Market entry strategies: organic growth, growth by merger or acquisition, strategic
alliances, licensing, franchising
Substantive growth strategies: horizontal and vertical integration, related and unrelated
Limited growth strategies: do nothing, market penetration, market development, product
development, innovation
Disinvestment strategies: retrenchment, turnaround strategies, divestment, liquidation
Strategy selection: considering the alternatives, appropriateness, feasibility, desirability

4 Strategy implementation
The realization of strategic plans to operational reality: communication — selling the
concepts, project teams, identification of team and individual roles, responsibilities and
targets, program of activities, benchmark targets at differing levels of the organization
Resource allocation: finance, human resources, materials, time
Review and evaluation: an evaluation of the benchmarked outcomes in a given time period
of corporate, operational and individual targets

Outcomes and assessment criteria

Outcomes Assessment criteria for pass
To achieve each outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:

1 Analyze how the business environment is considered in strategy formulation
1a.define the contexts of business strategy
1b.explain the significance of stakeholder analysis
1c.conduct an external audit of a given organization
1d.conduct an internal audit of a given organization
1e.apply strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of a given organization

2 Understand the process of strategic planning
2a.demonstrate an ability to think strategically
2b.prepare a strategic plan for a given organization, based on previous analysis

3 Examine approaches to strategy evaluation and selection
3a. evaluate possible alternative strategies —substantive and limited growth or retrenchment
3b. select an appropriate future strategy for a given organization

4 Analyze how strategy implementation is realized
4a. compare the roles and responsibilities for...

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