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February 26, 2014

Buddhism In Our World

In our world we face many religions without a relationship with their gods. But have you heard of a religion without a god at all? Buddhism is a nontheistic religion that began with the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama also known as the Buddha, “the awakened one”. This religion began with his teaching spreading across the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent through the 4th and 6th century. This religion stemmed from Hinduism, similar to Christianity coming out of Judaism. Striving to gain more and more enlightenment religion always seems to evolve that’s why there are even branches in specific forms ...view middle of the document...

He nearly killed himself if it weren’t for a young girl providing him with milk and rice. From this realization that starving himself won’t get him anywhere, he practiced anapanasati meditation also known as “The Middle Way” which is one balancing a life between the two extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification. The man was determined to finish this quest of spirituality, so at the age of thirty-five he sat under a fig tree known as the “Bodhi tree” where he committed himself not to get up until he reached his enlightenment. And after many days he reached his enlightenment and graduated from the cycle of suffering and rebirth; he was now fully considered an enlightened being. Not wasting his time, he began to start his following of students who also wished to be a part of his nirvana, “escape of cycle”. He died at eighty, but his teachings lived on soon developing the world’s first major religion.
Buddhist Concepts
Beginning with the Buddha’s teaching on the life and the world we must address a few key terms: Samsara, Karma, and Rebirth. Samsara is the cycle of life that is found even in Hinduism. This repetitive cycle of birth and death can manifest itself in a person dying and being rebirthed into an animal, or even an insect. This all happens within the six realms of existence, which only hold the people subjected to suffering life and death; but for those who reached a certain type of enlightenment like that of the Buddhist they are not in samsara because they received liberation through wisdom. Next is the idea of Karma, which is similar to that of the Christian’s view of sowing and reaping. Positive actions will bring forth positive fruit, along with bad actions with consequences. This plays a huge part in where...

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