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Buisness Administration Requirement In Squash Essay

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* Games are played to 21 points in first legs and in further round will be extended to 3 sets of 11 points.
* Points are awarded to the winner of the rally, regardless of who served that point (think of it like volleyball or tennis scoring)
* Games must be won by 2 points.
* On a player's first serve, they may choose the side they will serve from
* The serving player must alternate sides for each service beyond the first
* The server must begin in the back half of the court with at least one foot in the service box for that side
* Once struck, the ball must hit the front wall above the front service line (middle of the three lines painted at the front), and bounce behind the floor service line on the opponent's side of the half-court line (see figure)
* If the ball hits on or below the service line, lands on or before ...view middle of the document...

If it hits the tin, a very loud (and unpleasant) noise will indicate the shot is out of bounds
Lets and Etiquette
* If a player is blocking an opponent's path to the ball and the opponent was likely able to return the ball, a let is called
* In the event of a let, the point is replayed with the server starting in the same service box
* No points are awarded in a rally where a let is called
* If a player is directly blocking the swing path of an opponent where the opponent was in a position to hit a winning shot, a stroke may be called
* In the event of a stroke, the player that was in the way loses the point (and serve, if appropriate)
* Since we do not have sportscomm referees inside, lets and strokes must be agreed upon by the players, so sportsmanship and honesty are critical
* If you are ever in the position where you fear you will hit the other player with the ball (such as they are standing in front of you, or you are turning to hit a ball and lose track of your opponent's location), a let should be called to ensure the safety of both players (the ball hurts a lot!)
* Decision of a sportscomm member would be final.
* You need to be present 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your game.

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