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Bulgari Business Plan Report

1794 words - 8 pages

Bulgari Business Plan: Operations

Business Legal Format:
The restaurant is owned and split equally between four partners - Partnership
Petar Cholakov – 18 Operation & Maitenance (see appendix)
Kayode Busari – 21 Strategy & Overall Growth (see appendix)
Abdul Shiil – 21 Marketing & Company Growth (see appendix)
Natalia Plitoc – 20 Capital & Finance (see appendix)
Organisational Structure & Culture:
Our employees need to know how high in the hierarchy of the organisation they are and what their role in the organisation is. For example, the chef de partie must be aware that he is in charge of every food preparation and the kitchen area.
Employees need to ...view middle of the document...

The benefits of this location are that it is a lively place (near to a customer base) and there is no other Bulgarian restaurant nearby this area. This makes us unique to the Ealing and West London markets for restaurant, only, if we manage to embrace this perception into the population of Ealing which is our long-term goal. It is an easy place to access by the suppliers, therefore stock delivery will not be a problem.
Our Kitchen equipment has been selected through
* One Large ‘Williams’ Freezer
* Two Large ‘Williams’ Fridges
* One Professional Grill
* One Professional Oven
* Full Chef Cutting equipment
* Two Dishwashers
* Glass Washer
Managing Work:
The following steps will show how the input from the supplier goes through a process and gets delivered to customers (output).
For example:
1. The meat gets delivered by Diltur
2. We stock it in the freezer and fridges
3. The chef takes it out and prepares it when ordered
4. Gets served by the waitresses to the customers
5. Expect feedback from customer and apply
Value Chain: As the product goes through each step we add value to it, especially when prepared in step 3 and when delivered to customer in step 4.
Core Competence: Our products are so hard to copy because our recipes are unknown to the public as Bulgarian food is not very popular around the world. We can use this as a tool for success only if we change the perception of the community in Ealing that Bulgari is a really good restaurant to choose.
Stock Management:
If the demand for Bulgarian wine increases we need to make sure that we order from the supplier enough stock to lasts us and we need to be able to store the stock in the appropriate space.
We will implement a buffer/safety stock in order to have the most efficient amount of stock available at any point of time. This will ensure that every time a customer orders Bulgarian wine we will have in stock.
Operations Budget & Expenditures:
Retrofitting Building - £10,000
Food Preparation Facilities and Equipment - £30,000
Furniture - £20,000
Administration Equipment - £2,500
Rent inc. Tax - £40000
Water - £1000
Gas - £1000
Electricity - £750
Cost: £105,250 (for the first year)
Monthly Supply Cost: £2720.75
Total Operations Cost: £137899
Suppliers Details:
We receive our products directly from the suppliers who are all situated around London, making delivery date & time more efficient and reliable for us. Furthermore, since they are close by this means that the food does not have to travel far and we can receive it fresh. This is a list of our suppliers, where they are based and their contact details.
Angelov – Egg supplier, Tottenham London, N17 2GH
Tel: 020 5451 7493
Derby – Soft drink suppliers, Reading England, RG2 3ML
Tel: 0118 204 5271
Vinex – Bulgarian Wine & Spirit suppliers, Enfield London, EN1 2BG
Tel: 020 2998 6488
BulMilk – Milk...

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