Bullying In Schools Essay

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ullying in schools occurs in different parts of the world, and children of all ages or grade levels could be affected. It is a life changing experience on the victim that is being bullied. This behavior is for no apparent reason as to why they were chosen to be victimized. There are different forms of bullying such as name calling, pushing, intimidation that is done to make the other person feel ...view middle of the document...

They chose the victim that they want to intimidate or scare. It could be for any reason such as the color of your hair or that you dress differently than anyone else.

Examples of the different type of bullying is calling someone names, starting rumors that are untrue, pushing or hitting, and the abuse can go on for an extended period of time. I remember when I was in school and their was this girl who was being bullied it caused her not to participate in any extra curriculum activities and she would always be walking fast. I remember thinking who can help her and why are they being so cruel. Students in school today are very mean.

Being bullied can cause a person to have future problems in their development from constant intimidation, low self esteem or living pure in fear.

Who are the Victims

Second, the victims may have something about them that is strange from anyone else. They may be passive in nature, don’t hang out with anyone, or just may have started going to school there from another state. They may have even been rejected from another group of peers.

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