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Burnout Essay

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Burnout was initially identified in the human services field in the 1970’s but was not really taken seriously until it was identified as an occupational disease by Herbert Freudenberger and then even more so when Christina Maslach elaborated on its consequences in 1976.

In the human services field today, it is imperative for the human resources department to acknowledge the fact that human service employees are a great resource and a process must be put in to place to protect them from the work-related stressors which lead to burnout.

Factors that cause individual burnout include such things as personality, unrealistic career goals and or expectations. Aspects of the culture in ...view middle of the document...

Redesigning organizational structure such as lowering caseloads, diversifying clientele, job sharing, and increasing volunteers are simple known changes that help reduce organizational stress and help prevent burnout. Supervisory relationships with professionals play a vital role in the prevention of burnout including new employee support, information, guidance, and structure. It is important for supervisors to be knowledgeable, confident, and sympathetic to their staff. A good supervisor will have a clear understanding of their own role, be educated and up to date on the organizations policy and procedures as well as the services they provide, will be open to receive feedback, and be ready to support their employees at all times. A well balanced relationship with their employees will help prevent burnout for the supervisor and their employees.
The human service agency as a whole is capable in providing a more or less hectic work setting depending on whether each and every organizational member shares a sense of enthusiasm and strong determination and clear goals and objectives. Most workers within the human service field are able to resist burnout when there are the proper supports and atmosphere to help maintain and acknowledge their efforts. Clarity of purpose in an agency and an obligation to continuing education and training...

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