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I will first instruct and enlighten the supervisors, and start sending summaries of the subject to all supervisors so they will be equipped to talk about unionization with his or her employees. Plan for monthly administrative meetings to embolden supervisors to arrange questions on unionization. It is important that management focus on the positive in the company, as well as informing their employees on the cost.

Supervisor’s legal do's
State that the company is opposed to the unionization of employees.
State why it is unnecessary for employees to have a union at the company.
Point out that while the union may make lavish promises to employees in order to obtain their vote, no such ...view middle of the document...

Do emphasize to employees that union officials will make lots of promises to employees in order to persuade them to sign union cards and to vote for the union. However, emphasize that there is a big difference between a promise and a guarantee. A union can make a lot of promises, but a union can guarantee nothing to employees, except that employees who join the union will have to pay money to the union.
warn employees to carefully read anything the union asks them to sign.
3. DO tell employees about the experience you have had with unions.
4. DO tell employees your opinion about unions and union activities.
5. DO tell employees what unions have done elsewhere.
6. DO tell employees that job security comes from the success of the employer and the
actions of individual employees.
7. DO tell employees that the union cannot guarantee individual job security or prevent layoffs.
8. DO tell employees that the Company is not required to automatically sign a union
contract or agree to any union proposal that is not in the Company’s best interests.
9. DO tell employees that if the union wins an election, the Company is not required to
continue providing its present benefits. Whatever benefits the employees receive will
have to be negotiated with the Company. The benefits employees receive if the union
gets in could be less than they now receive, or they could be more, or they could remain
the same -- with employees paying initiation fees and dues to the union. No law requires
the Company to continue its present benefits in any contract negotiated with the union.
10. DO tell employees how you think they should vote in the eventual election.
11. DO tell employees that there is nothing the union can do for them that they can't do for
12. DO tell employees that a union can force union members out on strike -- even if the
employees do not want to do so.
13. DO tell employees about the disadvantages of unions: the wage losses that...

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