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Women policy problem and analysis in Saudi Arabia and USA

Women policy problem and analysis in Saudi Arabia and USA
Executive summary
Following the Fourth World Conference on Women in the Beijing Declaration which was adopted in 1995, all the participating countries agreed to that declaration. The aim of the conference was to advocate for equality, development and peace for all women for the advancement of humanity (UNESCO, 200). This policy brief is aimed at assessing the goals advanced in this conference in Saudi Arabia and USA who were among the participants.
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There were regulations which restricted the women freedom in Saudi Arabia. In terms of dressing, women were supposed to cover all the body parts except the hands and eyes. They were required to have a male guardian. According to this law, women should have a male guardian who could either be a husband, brother or father. Apparently, the guardian dominated the women in many ways. They gave women rights to marry, employment, education, travel among many other rights. This was very demeaning as it reduced women to slaves. Women were also segregated on gender basis. There were not allowed to mix with men in social places.
In USA too, women were subjected to violence. There was domestic violence against women. Women in USA experienced physical assault and rape from their close partners. They were sexually harassed. All this kind of violence affects the women negatively by lowering their esteem. It also leads to stigmatization among women. As a result, they are unable to contribute to constructive activities in their communities. They are also unable to hold their job position leading to poverty. Violence may cause self withdraw among women making them to avoid schools, workplaces and other public places. Unfortunately, some violence is not reported due to fear of humiliation. Violence against women may also be assumed to be normal among other communities. In terms of employment, women are considered as homeworkers therefore job opportunities were preserved for men only (US General Accounting Office, 1999).
Women are denied the rights of making major decisions. They were not involved in major government decision making process. They only relayed their grievances through the weekly ‘majlis’ which was a weekly meeting held by the king and the governor of each province in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Women had to write letters to their which were delivered by their male counterpart. In addition there were imbalances in government positions between men and women. They were prohibited from voting or vying for municipal councils public offices (Steffensmeier & Allan, 1998).
Both in Saudi and USA, women are not fully involved in economic activities. They are not economically independent because they rely on men who are given an upper hand in the employment opportunities. This allows men to exploit them (Steffensmeier & Allan, 1998). However, Islamic laws give women ownership rights. It empowers women to own and manage properties which include real estate, inheritance and earn income. Women are restricted socially by Customs and religious values to earn income and own assets. Inheritance is dictated by the shari’a law which entitles women to earn the half of what men inherit from the deceased. Gender inequality in sectors of government and work places interferes with women ability to own and enjoy property rights. There are unnecessary regulations which aggravate...

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