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Business Administration Essay

2454 words - 10 pages

|[pic] |Syllabus |
| |School of Business |
| |MGT/434 |
| |Employment Law |

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| | |
| |Analyze the relationship among employment-at-will, wrongful discharge, and constructive discharge and| | |
| |their applications. | | |
| |Explain the discrimination complaint process, including possible outcomes of an employee complaint. | | |
| |Review the methods and terminology involved in case analysis and basic legal research as applicable | | |
| |to employment and discrimination case law. | | |
|Readings |Read Ch. 1-3, 5, & 11 of Employment Law for Business. | | |
| |Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. | | |
|Participation |Respond to weekly discussion questions and participate in class discussion. | |4 |
|Individual |John is an employee in a private sector organization. He wants to file a discrimination complaint |May 21 |5 |
|Legal Process Paper |against his employer. | | |
| | | | |
| |Resources: EEOC website at and the U. S. Court System website at | | |
| | .Search with the key words litigation process, mediation process, and dispute| | |
| |resolution. | | |
| | | | |
| |Prepare a paper in which you: | | |
| |Analyze and explain the the steps in a discrimination complaint process as it would potentially apply| | |
| |to John and his employer. | | |
| ...

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