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Business Analysis Part 1

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Business Analysis Part 1
Tatjana Williams
MGT 521
March 5, 2012
Tom Kenfield

Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest car manufacturers period, it was founded June 16, 1903 (ideafinder, 2007). They are known for their Model T Ford, which is famous because it was the first mass produced car (ideafinder, 2007). Due to the longevity of this company, I was interested in researching the business to see just how they have been able to sustain their place as one of the more popular car companies in the world. The Ford Motor Company can be a big inspiration to a person who wants to be an entrepreneur. This paper will explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and ...view middle of the document...

Another problem is that although Ford posted a positive net income in all markets that they are present in, in the South America and Pacific Africa market there looks to be room for improvement. In South America they posted 9.9 billion in sales and posted 7.4 billion in Asia Pacific Africa (Ford Motor Company, 2010). These sales in these two markets are in comparison to 29.5 billion in Europe and 64.4 billion in North America (Ford Motor Company, 2010). Ford wants to tailor vehicles to fit the needs of the people within the respective markets, so it seems that the vehicles in the South America and Asia Pacific African market needs to be vamped up to get the people excited about them like they seem to be in the Europe and North America markets.
Just like in any company there are opportunities that Ford has and plans to take advantage of. Some of these opportunities include: producing more vehicles that address the concerns of availability of and affordability of fuel; producing vehicles that address the concern of CO2 emissions on the environment (Ford Motor Company, 2010). The company feels that by taking advantage of these opportunities they will gain a significant competitive edge in their field (Ford Motor Company, 2010).
In the automotive manufacturing field there are many companies looking to improve and cement themselves in the books as a respectable and reliable company. They do this by trying to outdo their competition. The Ford Motor Company is placing heavy reliance on vehicles that are fuel saving, but there are many other companies that are starting to focus on this area of business as well. Due to this, the threats that Ford Motor Company faces is that of other companies possibly producing better or more popular fuel efficient vehicles.
Stakeholders and Their Needs
Stakeholders are defined as all the people who stand to gain or lose by the policies and activities of a business and whose concerns the business needs to address (Nickels, 2010). There are both internal and external stakeholders of the Ford Motor Company. The internal stakeholders are employees, business partners (dealers, investors, suppliers), and board members (Ford Motor Company, 2010). External stakeholders are customers, unions/counsels and communities (Ford Motor Company, 2010).
The Ford Motor Company is working hard to meet the needs of all of their stakeholders. Ford is meeting the needs of their investors because they continue to build on their sales momentum, in 2010 Ford earned $6.6 billion in net income which was the highest net income the company posted in ten years (Ford Motor Company, 2010). This $6.6 billion in net income equates to $1.66 per share and was an increase of $3.8 billion or $.80 cents per share in 2009 (Ford Motor Company, 2010). This shows that the Ford Motor Company is...

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