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Business Communication Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends
Ubaldo Reyes
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Business Communication
Paul Huckabone
March 02, 2011

Business Communication Trends
In all businesses today, business communications plays a vital role in how a person's day-to-day activities are handled and gone about. Knowing how to manage what each person in suppose to do and what they actually do can make the person, as well as the whole company run smoothly or cause chaos and stress on all who works there. Business communications can vary from one workplace to another due to the way the communications are being handle and who is doing the communicating.
Developing the ability to speak successfully is an important feature that may assist a business career increase. Companies judge top-quality communication skills to be beneficial to their organizations, so both employee and employer may profit from a skill to communicate excellent. The effort is ...view middle of the document...

There is as well E-mail that may be used to alert others of a future conference. A number of businesses are at the moment using what is called a Tele presence. A Tele presence is a very technical video conference. These video conferences may set business workers in unusual places of the world all in the same room at once. This system has taken the position of flying people from around the world. Although the Tele presences is costly, a number of people say that it pays for itself in the first two to three times they use it.
A tendency in business communication that is coming to use is email and faxes to communicate business linked information in the place of work. These two techniques have rapidly substituted sending letters or information through the US postal office. Through the development in technology getting significant and other information is completed more swiftly by means of either these forms of communication. Those methods may as well decrease company expenses of envelopes and postage usage since there is no need for them. The number of receivers for the communications is improved through the use of emails. A person may send information to a lots of people inside a few minutes. An additional trend in business communication is the improved use of technological tools such as teleconferencing, virtual classrooms, and even video conferencing. These techniques maximize travel while enabling contribution of employers and employees from not merely different cities, but different countries.
As shown through the way businesses deal with communicating through staff and/or clients the outcome can affect the day-to-day activities on how items are being dealt with. Having good a well thought out idea of how to communicate could be what makes a workplace succeed over another workplace especially in a business that is competing for the same type of customers or clients.

Business and Administrative Communication, Eighth Edition Kitty O. Locker, Donna S. Kienzler, 2008 McGraw-Hill

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communication1 image by Andrey Kiselev from
Good communication is essential for building rapport with clients.

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