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Business Communications Trends Essay

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Business Communication Trends

Christopher Puffer

COM 285

October 25, 2010

Business Communication Trends

Business communication plays a large role in making day-to-day activities for a stocker/forklift driver within Costco Wholesale more manageable. With advancements in technology the role of business communication is becoming more prevalent as new trends present more diverse forms of messaging allowing greater efficiency while simultaneously increasing sales and ultimately profitability. Because of this it is clear that business communication is an integral part of Costco Wholesale’s success within the industry of which it is a part of.

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While written communication is not the preferred form of communication in most instances at times it can be necessary to complete daily tasks. For instance, it is necessary to communicate with employees at corporate via e-mail to ensure proper inventory levels or potential packaging issues among other things. This communication needs to be direct and concise because of the volume of emails sent to corporate buyers so that a buyer can address any issues appropriately and with speediness.

Day-to-day activities relating to the merchandise and member service are an important part of a stocker/forklift driver’s job however working safely is the most important daily activity that is manageable through business communication. To work safely written and verbal communication are necessary. Communicating through documentation that a forklift is functional and operable by filling out a daily check out sheet is a way of ensuring a safe working environment. Verbally a forklift driver must demonstrate the experience and knowledge necessary to operate a forklift safely when other workers and members are present by directing traffic.

Business Communication Trends and Message Types in Costco Wholesale

As technology is advancing, so is the world of business communication. In days of old, business people wrote "letters" to their clients. Face-to-face meetings were held, often ending with a handshake. Today's world of business communication has a much different face (Hunt, 2010). Costco Wholesale uses the AS-400 system to communicate between warehouses and corporate offices however the use of Microsoft Outlook is becoming more widely used for daily emails.

A majority of businesses around the globe use email as the most employed method of rapid and effective office communication. It is an important tool for corporate communication....

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